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pax n : (Roman Catholic Church) a greeting signifying Christian love for those assisting at the Eucharist [syn: kiss of peace]

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  • /pæks/
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Latin for "peace"

The Latin word pāx means "peace".


  • Pax, goddess of peace in Roman mythology.
  • Nemesis, goddess of divine retribution in Greek mythology. She was called Pax-Nemesis in Rome.

Latin phrases

For translations and explanations, see List of Latin phrases (P–Z)#P.

"Pacis" or "of peace"

  • Ara Pacis (Altar of peace), is an altar to Peace, envisioned as a Roman goddess, and was commissioned by (or for) the Roman emperor Augustus.
  • Defensor pacis (Defender of peace), a tract that laid the foundations of modern doctrines of sovereignty, separating the secular State from religious authority.
  • Domus Pacis (House of peace) , a guest house for Catholic pilgrims to Fatima.

Periods of regional peace

Together with the Latin name of an empire or nation, it refers to a period of peace or at least stability enforced by power, such as:
By analogy, such terms can be construed in more private spheres of social life, such as business, e.g. 'pax media' among the broadcasting rivals in Flanders.
In fiction pax has also been used to refer to periods of peace:
  • Pax Germanica, the fictional peace which would have followed a German victory of WW I and/or WW II.
  • Pax Cybertronia, a fictional peace from the Transformers series.

Other meanings

  • In the Roman Mass, it is a moment of solemn greeting before Eucharist, also called the kiss of peace.
    • It may also mean the younger 'pax brede', the osculatory used for transferring this holy kiss.
  • Pax Cultura - the motto of the cultural artifact protection movement founded by Nicholas Roerich.
  • Pax Christi - an international ecumenical Catholic peace movement.
  • Pax Dei was a medieval European movement of the Roman Catholic Church which applied spiritual sanctions in order to control and stop the violence of feudal society.



  • PAX is the abbreviation for the Penny Arcade Expo, an annual gamer festival held in Seattle, Washington.
  • Pax Imperia Eminent Domain, a Galactic Empire building, 4X style game by THQ.
  • Pax Draconis, a fantasy RPG by Justin Dagna.
  • Pax Warrior - an educational computer game.
  • PaxLair, a fictional player-run city in the MMORPG game Ultima Online, on the Chesapeake shard (server), with locations in several areas of the game world.
  • PAX Currency System, which is used in poker games on Poker Academy Online (PAO)
  • In the game of tag, the term "pax" (or sometimes "tax") is called to signify a pause in the game.
  • In Ambrosia Software's Escape Velocity Override, Pax is the name of a space station in the Dogover star system, a neutral zone between Voinian and United Earth space.


  • Nulla in mundo pax sincera (RV 630) is a motet composed by Antonio Vivaldi, the title of which may be translated as "In this world there is no honest peace".
  • PAX217 is a Christian Contemporary band from Orange County, California.
  • Ringo Starr made a song titled "Pax Um Biscum (Peace Be With You)" on his album I Wanna Be Santa Claus.

Novels and books

Television and movies

  • Movies
    • K-PAX (film), based on the novel K-PAX.
    • PAX a 1994 film starring Amanda Plummer and written by Bruno Heller.
    • PAX was a chemical to calm the population on the planet Miranda in the 2005 movie Serenity
  • Transformers universe:
    • Orion Pax is the original form of the robot who would one day become the great Autobot leader, Optimus Prime in the Transformers cartoons.
    • Pax Cybertronia, or The Peace of Cybertron, is from the timeline of the Transformers Animated television series.
  • Other
    • Pax Soprana - an episode of The Sopranos TV series.
    • Graph pax is an abbreviation sometimes used to refer to Graphics Packages; the set of graphics used for a specific television show.
    • PAX Network - U.S. television network, now known as ION Television.


  • PaX, the Linux kernel security patch
  • portable archive interchange — a format used to archive computer files
  • pax — a Unix command line program to read and write file archives




  • Pax World Funds - the world's first socially responsible mutual fund
  • Pax Calendar is the name of a proposed reform of the Gregorian caledar
  • Pax is the name of a side-project by industrial musicians Sevren Ni-arb and al/x/s; see X Marks the Pedwalk#Side projects
  • Pax genes, a group of paired box genes
  • Pax is a genus of spider ants (Zodariidae)
  • Pax — an abbreviation for "passengers" used by the travel industry. Some hotels now use it to mean individual guests opposed to rooms. In Gastronomy and/or event management it may also stand for "participants"
  • PAX or pax — an American acronym for "Persons At Table" (as in '20pax' = 20 Persons At Table) used by the hospitality industry. Originally written as 'PAT' but through ambiguous written characters (T being mistaken as X), over time became 'PAX'. Also used to denote the number of people in a venue and commonly used in the sound industry.
  • PAX - code identifying the USGS station located in/near Paxson, Alaska
  • Fransa-Pax FC - an Indian club football team based in Goa
  • PAX Association - a Polish religious organization
  • PAX- A series of wardrobe models available at IKEA
  • Programming, Administration and Execution System (PAX) is a mainframe-based timesharing system that provides the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers with a number of crucial budgeting, planning, and scheduling applications
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Agnus Dei, Holy Grail, Host, Pieta, Sanctus bell, Sangraal, accord, agape, ark, asperger, asperges, aspergillum, aspersion, auricular confession, bambino, bar mitzvah, bas mitzvah, beadroll, beads, candle, celebration, censer, cessation of combat, chaplet, ciborium, circumcision, confession, confirmation, cross, crucifix, cruet, eucharistial, exemption from hostilities, freedom from war, harmony, high celebration, holy cross, holy water, holy-water sprinkler, icon, incense, incensory, invocation, invocation of saints, kiss of peace, lesser litany, liberty in tranquillity, litany, love feast, lustration, matzo, menorah, mezuzah, mikvah, monstrance, osculatory, ostensorium, paschal candle, peace, peacetime, phylacteries, prayer shawl, prayer wheel, processional, pyx, reciting the rosary, relics, rood, rosary, sacramental, sacred relics, sacring bell, shofar, sukkah, tabernacle, tallith, telling of beads, the confessional, the confessionary, thurible, urceole, veronica, vigil light, votive candle
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